Utilities and Services

The following is a list of utilities that should be contacted when you move into or out of the City of Byron:


Water and Sewer - The City of Byron bills monthly for water and sewer. Please call City Hall at 507-775-3400 with name, service address, and closing date to establish your account. Once you receive your first bill, you will have the ability to setup automatic payments and select paperless billing. An account number will not be provided to you until you receive your first billing invoice. Account numbers will be found in the upper right-hand corner of your full-page billing invoice once received. Bills are due on the 20th of each month.

      • Water - is provided by two wells and two water towers with the capacity of 1,050,000 gallons. City water is chlorinated, fluoridated, and phosphate compounds are added for stabilization and corrosion control.
            • City Water has 17 grains of hardness.
            • The homeowner owns the water service from the shutoff valve to the house. The city owns the water service from the shutoff valve to the street.

      • Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant - is located at a city owned facility with a capacity of 520,000 gallons per day. The current facility was built in 1983 with an expansion that was completed in 2006.
            • The homeowner owns the sewer service from the connection at the street to the house.


Electricity - Byron has two electric company providers depending on service address location - Xcel Energy or Peoples Energy Cooperative. To find your service provider, review this Electric Utility Service Areas Map.

      • Xcel Energy - 1-800-895-4999 - Xcel services almost everyone that is West of 10th Avenue NE. 


Natural Gas - is provided by Minnesota Energy. You can reach Minnesota Energy at 1-800-889-9508.



Other Useful Information

Post Office - is located at 218 Byron Avenue North, Byron - 507-775-2450.

Meals on Wheels - Please contact Richard Fields at 507-775-6825 if you have any questions.

Byron Cemetery- Please contact Jim Ronnenberg at 507-259-7729 for more information regarding the cemetery.



The City of Byron requires pets (dogs and cats) to be licensed. Licenses can be obtained at Byron City Hall. Please bring your pet's information and a copy of current rabies vaccination. The city offers a lifetime PetHub pet tag for $25. For more information about PetHub pet tags check out the FAQs.


The City of Byron also requires owners of bees and/or chickens to obtain a permit.