Lost Pets

As of January 1, 2020 the city of Byron will no longer pick up loose/stray cats. If you find a cat and capture it, you will be responsible for the cat. 
As of January 1, 2020 the city of Byron will pick up loose dogs. The city will hold the dog(s) for five (5) days, in which fees will be accrued during those days. You will not be able to claim/pickup your dog(s) after business hours or on weekends/holidays.


Byron has new pet tags!
The city of Byron now uses PetHub pet tags. The city switched to the new PetHub pet tags in hopes that pets can be reunited with their owner's more quickly when lost. The new pet tags have a QR Code located on the back of the tag which can be scanned with the camera feature on a smartphone. When scanned, the QR code will generate a page with the pet's name and owners' contact information. Pets can also be reunited via a phone number or website listed on the pet tag.
If you have previously purchased a lifetime pet tag from the city, you can swap it out for a PetHub pet tag free of charge.
New registrants must bring a copy of current rabies vaccination to obtain a pet tag. Pet tags are $25 per tag/pet.
For more information about PetHub pet tags, check out the FAQs.
The city of Byron will feed the dog the food on hand at the time of pickup. The city of Byron is not responsible for any allergies or special needs your dog may have during the time of impoundment.