Nurture Byron Daycare Opens

By Gretta Becay


“Our children are one of the biggest reasons we created this business,” said owner Angie LeTourneau, who with her husband, Andy, and partners Terri and Josh Wittenberger, opened Nurture Byron Daycare at 1025 Tompkins Dr. NE, - near the Byron city hall - in March. The two couples have five children and, “After struggling to find childcare that fit our families’ needs, we decided to partner together and create Nurture Byron,” said Angie.

The two couples love the Byron community and Angie and Andy live here. 

This picture shows staff members at the business’s open house.

Angie explained, “We have Drew who is six and a kindergartener at Byron Primary and Adeline who is three and a preschooler at Nurture. Terri and Josh have Edie who turns six in April and is in Kindergarten, Barrett who is four and in Prekindergarten at Nurture, and Hadley who is one and in our Toddler program at Nurture.”

Angie has been working in childcare as a teacher, assistant director, or director since she graduated from Winona State University in 2011 with her Bachelors in Elementary Education and Early Childhood.

The facility offers childcare for children from the age of six weeks through the age of 12. 

Angie said, “We are trying to offer individualized care instead of using a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We even designed our center to feel more like a home environment.”

The center has 13 staff members outside of the ownership group, and Angie said, “They are all amazing. Having a good staff is the key to a caring, nurturing childcare center.”

The brand-new building is just over 8,100 square feet in size and the facility can care for 113 children.

For more information, call 507-624-0101or email

The website is and the Facebook page is @Nurture Byron