Water rationing is still in effect in Byron

By Gretta Becay


Even though it seems like it will never stop raining, when it eventually gets hot and we begin watering our landscaping, please remember Byron is under the water rationing plan of ‘odd and even sprinkling.’ On odd-numbered calendar dates, those in homes or businesses with odd-numbered addresses can water outside and on even days, those in even-numbered homes and businesses can water their landscaping. 

Water evaporates quickly in the heat of the day so please do not water between noon and 6 p.m.  Please conserve water whenever you can while watering your landscaping and for other household uses. 

The amount of water Byron pumps out of an underground aquifer is regulated by the Department of Natural Resources. We must follow our water supply plan and Critical Water Deficiency Ordinance, or the city’s water use could be monitored and supervised by the DNR which is very costly. 

The DNR website provides more information about conserving water at