Community Garden

Are you looking for a fun activity to do outdoors this summer? �� �� Then check out Byron's Community Garden!
The Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) has made it possible for Byron to have a Community Garden project.  We have a designated location near the Byron Soccer Complex for gardening.
There are 33 plots available for the 2024 gardening season. Plots are approximately 20' x 20' ($30) and 10' x 20' ($25) in size.
Garden plots will be available for reservation on a first come first served basis to Byron residents who live within city limits beginning February 1st of each year. Payment must be made in full to reserve a garden plot. Only one (1) garden plot may be reserved per household prior to May 1st. Non-Byron residents, Byron residents who live outside Byron city limits, and second garden plots will become available on or after May 1st based upon availability. 
** Please review the revised Byron Community Garden Rules for 2024 **
What is a community garden and how does it work?
The community garden is a common green space where new and experienced gardeners can reserve (for a small fee) a gardening plot for the season. Gardeners use this plot to hone their gardening skills and grow their own vegetables and plants while fostering a social involvement and promoting a sense of community with access to local food. 
What if I'm new to gardening?
If you are a new gardener, starting a garden can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! The best way to get started is to find experienced gardeners and other resources that can help provide you with essential gardening tips and tricks.
Read up about different types of fruits, vegetables, or herbs that would suit your garden plot. Additionally, research the best ways to grow certain plants and the necessary tools and safety precautions needed. Learning all of this upfront will give you a great foundation for beginning your garden plot!
Important Reminders
A community garden can be a wonderful place to cultivate plants and vegetables, but there are a few important things to remember. 
It is important not to take anything that doesn't belong to you; be it tools, plants, or other gardener's produce. 
In addition to respecting the space of others while visiting your garden plot, gardeners should also not forget that this is another gardener's working patch, and thus walking your dog in and among the rows of produce may not always be welcomed. If you must bring pets into the community garden, please keep them on a leash and clean up after them when necessary.